“She is more precious than rubies and pearls..” Proverbs 3:15

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She is more precious than rubies and pearls. Nothing you desire can compare with her” Proverbs 3:15

There are many scriptures throughout the bible that show how much God values women. I am going to take a quick side note on this topic to talk about how much women are valued in the bible. I often times get confused when people try to say that God does not value women or when people try to say that the bible makes men more superior than women. This is simply not true. There are countless scriptures that reference how God views us as His daughters and how much he loves us. He created us in His image just as He created man. While women are very capable of doing the same things that men are capable of doing, it does not mean that women should be doing every thing that men are doing. I think when women get upset and begin talking about how capable they are it is more of a pride thing than an “I am capable thing”….we all know you’re capable, this is the 21st century, no one is really doubting it anymore. But that is another topic for another day yall. Back to the word, God loves us women. He values us, He is constantly pursuing us, and He calls us His daughters.

Though this scripture is not directly referring to women, God uses theshe pronoun when talking about wisdom. Wisdom is defined as having knowledge and good judgement. He also references the Tree of Life as a she. Women are the givers of life.  We women are a necessity to this planet, each operating and having our own calling that He has planned for our lives. God loved us and placed so much value on our lives that He made us necessary to the sustainability of the earth. So though God is referring to wisdom when describing how precious it is, using the pronoun she shows that we as women are worth more than rubies and pearls.